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Associate Partner

Hans van Gruijthuijsen

Hans completed his Master Financial Management at Tilburg University, after a bachelor of in business economics. During his studies he started a company specialised in printed USB-sticks and other premiums. After completing his bachelor, Hans did operational research for a Dutch importer of hardwood and a feasibility study for an Indonesian wood-sewer.


During his Master Hans specialised himself in Corporate Finance. For his master thesis he did research regarding the effect of recessions on the take-over premium in mergers and acquisitions. Furthermore, Hans did an internship at AenF Partners for six months, where he gained experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions in SME and writing participation plans.

Since 2012 Hans has been working for AenF Partners where he successfully accompanied over 30 M&A’s in various sectors. In the beginning of 2016 Hans started his Register Controller education at Nyenrode Business University.


Hans lives in Haarlem and likes to go running, race-cycling and sailing in his spare-time.

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