Company valuation

Many entrepreneurs / firms are confronted with valuing stock or assets / liabilities of their own or another firm.

Among others the following situations may lead to the need of valuation: 

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Succession (for example MBO /MBI)
  • Dispute and arbitrary procedures
  • Second Opinions
  • Buy out of stockholders
  • Access and departure of directors
  • Restructuring
  • Issue of new stock
  • Problems with succession

What an expert valuation needs is, among others, to gain insight in the capacity of the firm to make sales. The final calculation is the main starting point for negotiations and gains insight in how real the price is set, or it supports a bid. In the case of succession within the family it is important that the remaining family members feel good about the value of the company as well.

Valuating a firm is more than just entering information in a model. Gaining good insight in the firm and its strategy is important. How does the company perform in the market, is the management of high quality and are their many loyal costumers? These are all questions that influence the value of a firm. In cooperation with you and your accountant we analyze the value-adding factors in your company.

AenF Partners has an extensive experience in doing valuations and often does presentations on this subject. Furthermore AenF Partners is a member of the Dutch Association of Register Valuators (NIRV).

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