Special services

Distressed M&A
Due to unexpected circumstances (a part of) your firm can go through hard times. Suspension of or even bankruptcy may be threaten your company and in this situation you have to make a quick decision to save your company.

In these unwanted situations additional capital or sale of (a part of) the venture be the solution. These are complicated processes where speed of great importance.

AenF Partners has successfully assisted in multiple five-to-twelve situations, also known as distressed mergers and acquisitions (DM&A). By maintaining good contact with financers, banks, lawyers and strategic parties in the market de services of AenF Partners may be the solution to you in this unwanted situation.


Valuation disputes
In situations where separating stockholders aren’t able to agree on the price or value of the stock and oppose each other, an independent advice of an expert in valuations may be the solution to this dispute.

AenF Partners is a member of the Dutch Institute for Register Valuators and employs specialists in valuations with experience in procedures of dispute. As a Register Valuator the specialist has to follow the applying rules of conduct.

The direction of AenF Partners has regularly been assigned as an independent expert for valuating stock by courts and chairmen of the KvK.


By making clear agreements, accurate rapports and objective professional judgements, AenF Partners is a guarantee for an independent and professional judgement.

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