'Acquisition financing is becoming more complex, but the profession is becoming more interesting'

What mergers and acquisitions have you supervised over the past year??

'I have carried out many transactions over the past year. These include the sale of Puur Telecom and the relaunch of Frontrunner. Our office, which employs eight people, supervised a total of 25 transactions this year. We are active in the market of companies with transaction values ranging from 1 million to 25 million euros.'

Why were you elected?

'You should, of course, ask the Members who voted to do so, but I am happy to take a guess. I have been active in the mergers and acquisitions market for about eighteen years and many people know our office. Before me and my business partner Alexander Boissevain started our own office, we acquired our professional knowledge from banks and accountancy firms. With this experience and a practical approach we distinguish ourselves from other parties.'

What do you expect from the coming year?

'The market for mergers and acquisitions continues to grow, we think. Our portfolio for 2017 is well filled. We notice in the current market that sellers are very optimistic. They expect to be able to sell their company for a high price. On the other hand, the current cheap money means that the acquiring party can borrow at low cost. In comparison with the years before the crisis, banks are still financing a smaller proportion of the agreed purchase price. Therefore, parties other than the bank often have to participate in a takeover transaction. For example, the seller himself lends part of the amount to the buyer. Or an investment company such as Ecart, Bencis or Nimbus, for example, has to co-finance the purchase. This makes the financing more complex, but makes the profession more interesting.'

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