AenF Partners is a corporate finance boutique, located in the Netherlands. We provide M&A advisory services to our clients.


Buy-Side Advisory

When you wish to expand your activities or increase sales, you have two options: organic growth or growth by acquisition. In order to accelerate towards your goal, the acquisition of another company is a good option.

Essential in obtaining your goal through an acquisition, is the right fit between the target and your own firm. It is of great importance that activities, culture and reputation match between the two firms. The correct price is important as well; you acquire to add value to your own firm and the costs of the investment should be recovered.

By evaluating your goals and specific wishes, we put together a list of potential targets for acquisition. Based on these criteria and in cooperation with you we approach the potential candidates to see whether they’re interested. Each potential candidate is then presented and evaluated thoroughly with you.

When possible matches are found, we will carefully analyze these potential candidates (i.e. valuation). Furthermore, we offer advice during the entire process and eventually close the transaction.

The partners of AenF Partners have successfully assisted several acquisitions during their years of experience in Corporate Finance and would like to offer their knowledge and experience in this field to you.