AenF Partners is a corporate finance boutique, located in the Netherlands. We provide M&A advisory services to our clients.


Capital and debt advisory

Arranging equity

When an acquisition or further autonomous growth can’t be financed with equity or debt, external financing by arranging new equity is necessary. Holding companies and informal investors are parties that offer this type of capital

AenF Partners is able to assist you with and advise you in determining the optimal structure of financing and finding the right financial partners. We maintain close contact with nearly every relevant party in Holland. Because of our independence our only interest is your interest and we will search for the party with the best solution for you.

Arranging debt

An acquisition, autonomous growth or a financial reconstruction often requires external financing. The best option is to finance through arranging debt. Such a loan can be arranged based on real certainties and at an attractive rate these days.

The arrangement of debt is a very precise job. Because of the backgrounds in banking of the direction of AenF Partners and their big experience in solving financial issues, AenF Partners knows what it takes to find the optimal way to finance. We maintain close contact to nearly every relevant party in Holland. Because of this we can offer you the best alternatives.