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Niels Wartna

Niels Wartna is currently studying Business Economics BSc at Radboud University. Starting out as a Business Administration student, he learned a lot about the human and social side of a company. He eventually found out that he finds the economic and especially financial side more interesting. With his interest in Corporate Finance, he is now doing an M&A internship at AenF Partners. After this internship, he will complete his Bachelor's degree and follow a Master's degree in Finance in Rotterdam or Tilburg.

In addition to his studies, Niels has also been quite active in various places. In his fraternity, he participated in several committees and lead a few. He also served a board year as secretary and vice-chairman. In addition, as treasurer of WaalKabaal, together with the committee, he organizes the annual boat party, which is attended by more than 600 students.

Niels also did a board year at AIESEC in his second year. As Exchange Participant Manager he was responsible for sending students on exchanges for (paid) internships abroad. In doing so, he maintained contact with other Exchange Participant Managers all over the world.

Niels currently lives in Nijmegen and hobbies are tennis and running. He is employed as a trainee at AenF Partners as of September 1, 2021 and is looking forward to learn a lot here.

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