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Posted on 09-11-20

NewFork reinforces Facilicom Group's catering concept


AenF Partners assisted the founders of NewFork (Mr. Yorick van Baarsel and Mr.Roland Mathyi) in the sale to Facilicom Group.


The New Fork concept can now be found at a number of prominent permanent locations in and around the city of Rotterdam, such as the Erasmus University and Futureland restaurant in the port of Rotterdam. In addition, catering is an important pillar of the company. Coolblue and Deutsche Bank, among others, are provided with food and drinks on a daily basis.


With the acquisition of NewFork, Facilicom Group is taking the next step in the roll-out of the new F&B concept Food&i. Facilicom Group exists for more than 50 years. With a complete range of services for both facility services and care and welfare, Facilicom brings its clients an inspiring living environment into practice. They do this in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Ireland. 


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